How To Step Into Your Slim’n Lift™ Silhouette Shaper

Use the Slim’n Lift™ Silhouette Shaper Fit Formula below to help you get into your shapers comfortably. And remember, it’s worth the wiggle and it should be firm fitting.


Don’t worry, we know they look small but as long as you have been true to your size, our easy step fit formula will make you 3 sizes smaller in an instant. Remember this is a firm fit.

1. Roll

Get a pair out of the packaging. Place your thumbs at each end of the waist band. Roll one of the legs up by gathering all the fabric of one leg up into each thumb, like a pair of tights, firmly grasping in each hand. Give the fabric a couple of tugs.

2. Step

Step into the hole, keeping the shaper rolled tightly in your hands.

3. Glide

Once you have the shaper positioned above the knee, glide the shaper up. Repeat on the other side. Roll the shaper over your bum and tum. Glide & smooth the fabric, positioning your curves accordingly.